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Anyway Group is the Impact/Swing/Traffic door manufacturer in China. With the most advanced technology, Anyway Group is also specialized in researching, designing, developing manufacturing and marketing Impact/Swing/Traffic products. Series of door products have the new technology and wide variety. It can be used in many industries. The applying and developing of its patented technology have made Any way Group keep the leading position in the Impact/Swing/Traffic door market.

Our doors are manufactured strictly under the International quality control system ISO9001. Ensure the products researching, developing, producing, marketing and after sale services standard, scientific and international. At the same time, we also respect society and nature environment; devote to develop many other energy-saving and environmental products.

In accordance of the aim gain the customers with details and lead the market with professions.Anyway Group has been trying its best to score brilliant achievement with its advanced technology and outstanding services, in order to assist customers and to succeed their goals.

PHONE:(86)-21-58626735 FAX. :021-58626738 E-MAIL:anyway001@vip.sina.com